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Are new website has been updated

Are new website has been updated

For whatever reasons we found that our past servers who hosted our website were running so slooooow, that we had to fix it, but promptly- and well,  you know what that means. Three days for the DNS names to be upgraded and changed, and that your website someone once looking lovely now has to be completely redesigned. All in a days work here at The Lucky Zen Dog workshop and studio.

Whew! Well, By the end of this week, all things should be tweeted – and although we lost a few posts and comments, we can start afresh (thankfully) and know our shop link is working…. lol

How many times has this happened to you and your online business? Let us know. The Best story will receive a free product for us perfect for the upcoming Valentine’s Day! – No Seriously – let’s hear your website sob story (under 200 words or less) – and we will pick the best of the worst and send you something lovely that you can share with your partner for Valentine’s Day!

Offer is good up till February 7th and for the continental United States so that we can ensure we get our product to you in time for Valentine’s Day!